We are very happy to see our festival grow in participants and visitors every year. But we want to see it grow even more. Thatís why we constantly give away free tickets to films. There is a number of ways you can win but the main one is visiting our film festival.

Every session there are 3 tickets for two and one tickets for four people. Therefore, every time you go to a screening, you may win tickets to the next movie for you and three of your friends.

But thatís not all. We have many more ways how we reward our visitors of our Film Festival, especially The Big Raffle.

The Big Raffle

Our Big Raffle is a lottery-type giveaway where someone in the end of the festival wins a Ä1,000-worth mountain bike. All you have to do to win is to visit our Film Festival at least once. After you buy a ticket you are automatically entered into the raffle. Just before the last screening of the festival we pick out one winner who wins a high-quality mountain bike.